Sunday, January 19, 2014


demonologists - "graveyard ejaculations" video (directed by mitch massie)
*track taken from upcoming split 12" with dargar (whispering eye recordings)

(taken from bloody disgusting's website):

Cory Rowell (a.k.a. Demonologists) states, “I originally met and started talking to Mitch Massie after the two of us created videos for Retox right around the same time, roughly a year and a half ago. I was immediately blown away by his video work. I found it to be visually stunning and I immediately took note. I was an instant fan. After seeing the Retox video for A Bastard on Father’s Day, I contacted him and told him how much I enjoyed his work, and we started talking off and on about music. He later invited me to be a part of the Cattle Decapitation video for Forced Gender Reassignment, and then the Secret Fun Club video for Kathleen Turner Overdrive. Shortly after that, I started talking to Mitch about doing something with Demonologists. The concept for Graveyard Ejaculations didn’t exactly happen over night, but evolved into what it is now over a period of time. Ultimately, I knew that it had to be cult based, carry an anti-religion based theme, and have the blood soaked quality of a top notch horror film, and I knew that Mitch would really be able to dig into these themes, and make this happen, and he most certainly did. After a few phone calls and emails, Mitch presented me with the storyline that would become the video for Graveyard Ejaculations. This is cult life, the black mass. Along with the help of horror makeup/special effects team, Megan Leavitt and Al Ponton, and the incredible, abused cast of Brett Siler, Christine Murphy, Jesse Gallamore, and Lydia Thornton, Mitch Massie has worked his cinematic magic yet again and created this horror fueled trip through the eyes of the possessed.”

check out the mitch massie directed video for demonologists - "graveyard ejaculations" here:

[exclusive] get haunted by demonologists' "graveyard ejaculations" music video premiere

coming soon:

demonologists / actuary - split cs (phage tapes)

Saturday, July 6, 2013


it's been awhile since i last updated this site... currently, there's a few new releases being discussed, and a few already in the works. up next? a split cassette with en nihil, from los angeles, via worthless recordings...


expect more news and updates soon in regards to:

demonologists / dargar - split 12"
(whispering eye)

demonologists / actuary - split cs





*Demonologists/Sudden Infant - split cs (label tba)
*Demonologists + Black Sheet Servitude - split/collab cs (Enemata Productions)
*Demonologists/Actuary - split cs (Phage Tapes)

*Demonologists/The Guilt of... - split 12" (Desire)
*V/A: "Title TBA" 4 Way split cd featuring: Demonologists, Steel Hook Prostheses, Gruntsplatter, & Defiler (Fall of Nature)

*Demonologists/Dargar - split 12" (Whispering Eye)

*Demonologists + RU-486 / RU-486 + Steel Hook Prostheses - split collaboration cs (Whispering Eye)
*Demonologists/Utarm - split cd (Fall of Nature)
*Cory Rowell + Scott Miller - "Vitriolage!" - (format / label tba)
*Cory Rowell + Wyatt Howland - "Use Yr Delusion" cs (label tba)


*Demonologists - "The Invokation of Sitri" cdr (Bone Structure)
*V/A: "Every Day is Halloween" compilation cdr (Nursing Home)
*Demonologists + Wasteland Jazz Unit - "Wasteland Werewolves" cs (HLAH?!)
*V/A - Rippers and Creepers compilation cs (Pendu Sound Recordings)
*V/A - 404 Fatal Terrors - International Black Noise Compilation cdr (Bone Structure)
*Demonologists/To Live and Shave in LA split cs (Hung Like A Horse?!)
*V/A: "Ritual II" compilation cdr (Heavy Nature)
*V/A: "Dirgehead Comp 2008" compilation cdr (Dirgehead Distribution)
*Demonologists/Teeth Collection split cs (Hung Like A Horse?!)
*Demonologists + Metek / Slave Auction split cdr (13 Monden)
*Demonologists/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer split cs (Gnarled Forest)
*V/A: "THE STATIC HYMNAL" 6 X c-60 Blackened Noise Box Set (HLAH?!, Factotum, Husk Records)
*V/A: "Confluence Park" (Ohio Series) 6 band compilation cs (Teen Action Records)
*Demonologists/The Doctrine of Flesh - split cdr (Ministries of Blood)
*Demonologists - "Neon Pink" Soundtrack - cdr (Ministries of Blood)
*Demonologists - "Sermons of Death and Eternal Damnation" cs (Waves of Decay)
*Demonologists/Al Qaeda split cs (Teen Action Records)
*Demonologists/Josh Lay split cs (Side of the Sun Recordings)
*Demonologists - "Miscarriage of the Soul" pro cdr / chapbook (Crucial Blast)
*Demonologists/The Kremlin split cs (No Sides)
*Demonologists/Cock E.S.P. - split cs (Rainbow Bridge Recordings)
*Demonologists/Deathstench - "Incantations In Dead Tongues" split pro cdr (Black Goat Records)
*V/A: "In the Dark, There Are Fingers That Grab" - My Castle of Quiet - Companion #3 - 2012 (WFMU)
*V/A: "Videodrome" - video compilation vhs (Worthless Recordings)
*Demonologists/Gnaw Their Tongues - split 12" (Desire)
*Black Mass Rising Soundtrack - triple lp boxset (Black Mass Rising Society)
*Demonologists/HHL - split cs (Crucial Blast)
*Demonologists - "S/T" 1 sided 12" (Prison Tatt Records)
*V/A: "Seance" - compilation cs (Worthless Recordings)
*V/A “Tunes From The Toilet Vol. 1” 55 Bands Compilation 7” (Continuum)
*Demonologists/En Nihil - split cs (Worthless)


*Neon Pink (Electro Films)
*Sepulveda Skanks (Electro Films)
*Revelation (Electro Films)
*Black Mass Rising DVD (Black Mass Rising Society)

*Demonologists - "Graveyard Ejaculations" (directed by Mitch Massie)


*05/30/2008 (Rowell/Ortmann/Redington line up) @ Reversible Eye Art Gallery - Christopher Ilth Art Show w/ Lovely Little Girls

*06/03/2008 - collab set under the name Wasteland Werewolves (Rowell + Wasteland Jazz Unit) @ Art Damage Lodge - w/ Shearing Pinx, Pod Blotz, Sick Llama, & Bill Nace

*06/26/2008 (Rowell) @ Art Damage Lodge - w/ Panicsville, Lovely Little Girls, & Ben Allen

*08/15/2008 (CR/Hank line up) @ Art Damage Lodge - Art Damage Benefit (day 1 of 2 days) : collab sets by: C. Spencer Yeh + Taiga Remains, Ohr Streicheln + French Crips, Bad People + Wasteland Jazz Unit, & tons more

*02/17/2009 (Rowell/Redington line up) @ Art Damage Lodge - w/ Diagram A, Shallow Waters, & Heart of the Whore

*04/16/2009 (Rowell/Redington line up) @ The Bunk - w/ White Mice, War Pigs, & Bathe In Bleach